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Some of the FAQs are prepared by Yellow Classified which will provide the complete information regarding the services which are provided by the advertising agencies. Through these prepared questions we are here t prepare our goodwill in the market of advertisement.

All the FAQs are published on our official website http://yellowclassified.xyz

Will this process stay private?

Yes,allyour information will stay private and you don’t have to worryabout it.

Isit safe to pay online?

Yes,you can make your payments online for the advertising services youhave selected.

Whatare the payment options of advertisements?

Youcan make the payments online as well as can visit our office also.

Howdo I get visitors for my product?

Weare on an establishing platform and we always workso that yourproduct is visible to more and more visitors.

Howlong will my ad remain on the website?

Thead will remain on the website as per the client selects the plan and payment has made.

Howto interact with you?

Visitour website http://www.yellowclassified.xyz and enjoy our services.

WillI receive any spams on my e-mails?

Noyou will not take delivery of any spam on your e-mails as youraccount is protected and it keeps away all the spams from youraccount.

Theseare some of the FAQs which are prepared for the upliftment of thecompany and it is an easy way to establish the connection with theclients.